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Reviews of Doing Time Outside

Carla has a English terrier named Queenie.

“These three women could be a novel in themselves, with their mingled strands of love and resentment birthed over decades of caring and mistakes and half-told histories. Through Rudy’s crisis, they are slammed together like billiard balls breaking and forced to dive deeper into each other’s assumptions and realities.

Rudy, his mistakes and lesser moments notwithstanding, has a desire to do right as he picks his way through a minefield. … You start really, really wanting Rudy to make it, a topic around which Howard builds mind-bending suspense.

It all comes together in a knockout ending—Howard’s characters have grown and so have we. A beautiful read.”

— Anne Pyburn Craig
    November 1, 2013


Doing Time Outside refers to the painful and difficult period of time spent by a family member or friend of a person incarcerated in a correctional facility. .. Ms. Howard carves a slice of time out of the Morletti family’s world. Each individual—mother, son, and daughter—is in some way damaged; each individual is in some way brimming with resilience…(The author) writes as if she’s creating a mosaic—laying down each piece of stone as snippets from life—each snippet being told from a different point of view until an image of a family is slowly created. The final image isn’t always pretty, but it’s intriguing and charming, and formed with humor and love. .. Doing Time Outside is an emotional and engaging slice of life. It’s well worth doing time with this family. ”

— Karen Winter Schwartz,
    New York Journal of Books
    September 16, 2013


“Ginnah Howard guides us through a gritty America caught between a small-town bar, a church, and a jail cell. Through Howard’s compassion for her characters and the buoyancy of her voice, Doing Time Outside does what the best fiction can: deepens our empathy for human frailty and sharpens our intelligence of the heart.”

— Mermer Blakeslee, author of
    When You Live by a River


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