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Reader Commentary

Horseshoe crabs are a favorite subject matter for artist Del.

Many readers of Night Navigation have sent heartfelt messages; here are excerpts from some of them:

“I just started reading your book and looked at my husband and said, ‘This is our life...’”

“I love how you do Mark interpreting his Mom–i love how you do her trying to step back, the emotional flailing...certain phrases: emotional temperature (good god, i think, we are all so obvious) and the umbilical SOS.”

“I was completely drawn into the emotional roller coaster worlds of Del and Mark. I found it hard to put the book down.”

“It’s unbelievable how much I could relate to your story!!! Thank you for writing your book and touching our lives, and many others, with your story!”

“I very much appreciated the humanity, the compassion, that you showed in the character of Mark–his expression of kindness and efforts to care for or be considerate of Del despite his problems or when he was capable…I think it is a fuller picture of the humanity of someone with mental illness than I’ve ever seen portrayed in fiction. And the world could simply use this.”

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“I AM Del!!! Well, of course not. But I have NEVER ever felt so connected, so identified with a character. For that matter, nor have I shared such a seemingly similar emotional and real history with another human being!”

“I was a little surprised at some of the comments in the reviews, like ‘depressing,’ ‘exhausting.’ … I felt there was so much insight, creativity, buoyancy, light — in the writing itself and in the minds of Del and, yes, even Mark. I guess I thought that even readers who had no experience with mental illness, suicide or drug addiction would still find a lot to relate to.”

“The story is written from the mother’s, as well as the son’s, perspective. This mode gives great insight into the internal struggles that go on with all involved parties and aid the reader in understanding how hard it is to make good choices when dealing with such tragic circumstances.”

“Wow, I cried. It should give people strength and if not that at least some perspective on their own difficulties.”

“As the mother of a young son, I’m keenly aware of the depth of love I have for him and the lengths to which I would go in order to keep him safe. This book takes that so much further, to a place I hope never to find myself, and I could not put it down.”

Night Navigation isn’t a novel just about addiction; it touches all the facets of being a life-long parent. There’s so much said about ‘letting go’ and it’s encouraging to read about ‘holding on.’ How can any of us mete out our love for our children? I rooted for Del Merrick all the way through.”



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